Darren Fontanilla. English 101/Reyes. Persuasive Essay

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Darren Fontanilla English 101/Reyes Persuasive Essay 5/8/2017 Somebody’s Daughter How would one feel if one 's daughter was kidnapped and ended up being a victim of child prostitution? Of course you would feel sick and disgusted. In the book, Somebody 's Daughter: The Hidden Story of America 's Prostituted Children and the Battle to save Them, Julian Sher explains that prostitution affects young women in America who are usually runaways. There are multiple situations of different victims being sex trafficked all over the United States; however, they are treated as criminals rather than victims. All through the book, Sher clarifies that, child prostitution is an important awareness that we the general population should put a stop to…show more content…
When we see these children with other people the child may look like normal girls, but we tend to not care and just turn our heads. In the book, a woman named Karen made a note saying “I’m sorry, I could not stay, the teenager wrote. I don’t think anybody knows what it feels like to be a disposable person” (Sher 37). Some people could care less about these children but think of it as if they were your child, brother, sister, family, friend, you would want to put an end to it. Next, to make a difference to end child prostitution is people should treat them as the victim, rather than treating them as the criminal. One clearly does not know what is going through their mind, so making judgements and statements does not help their situation at all. Julian Sher discusses that “When these children go get the attention of the system, they are almost always treated as criminals, not victims” (13). For what we can assume is that they did not choose this lifestyle but have just got caught up in it and have a hard time getting out. They are scared of their “pimp” who tells them if you do not do what I say I’ll kill you, hurt you, we’ll sell you to another pimp, etc. In the article, Report urges new approach to child prostitution: “ ‘These are children that are prostituted. These are children that are harmed. These are not criminals, Ellen Wright Clayton, a physician and member of the team, said at a press conference in Washington, D.C. on

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