Child Reflection Paper

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I admitted a baby girl in the NICU weighing 1lb 7oz with esophageal atresia I also met the parents the same day of admission to orient them to the unit, the equipment, and to address any concerns regarding visiting time. This baby was in the unit for few months I frequently cared for her and the family. On this Sunday morning, the mother asked me “Do you go to church” I replied her with the name of the church also told her I volunteer at church as an usher on my off Sundays. When parents confirmed that they attend the same church we formed the bond between us. I asked the mother if prayers from the church is fine with her family she replied absolutely. I provided the mother with the pastor’s contact number and asked for permission to inform the pastor in person to start prayer for the baby girl and the family.
This baby girl needed series of repair but feeding tube placement was the only surgery done in the hospital that I work. Through extensive search there was no hospital found in Florida capable of performing the baby girl’s surgery than Boston Children’s Hospital. Plan to transfer the baby started and on this day of transferred to Boston Hospital I was the nurse caring for this baby. I gave her a bath and dressed her up with a pink colored outfit before the parents and the transport team arrival. As the mother walked in the unit and saw the baby girl in the outfit for the first time turned to me and said, “thank you for all your care” It was at that moment I realized

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