Childhood Adversity And Substance Abuse

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Childhood Adversity and Substance Abuse
Joceline Nieves
SUNY New Paltz Introduction The Center for Disease Control reports about 3.4 million children being abused or neglected in the United States in 2012 and 1 in 4 children will experience some form on abuse, maltreatment or household dysfunction while growing up. (Campbell, 2015).Past research has shown a relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and substance abuse as an adult. Risk factors in the form abuse and neglect as child may cause a higher likelihood of substance abuse as an adult. Font and Jack (2015) also says that poor socioeconomic circumstances are associated with poor health conditions. Someone who scores with multiple adverse childhood experiences may report social and economic problems as an adult, such as financial hardship, homelessness and not making it through high school or an undergrad program (Font and Jack, 2015). Font and Jack (2015) also discuss in their study that individuals who scored with four or more adverse childhood experiences were more likely to report poor health. These people report sexually transmitted infections, obesity, substance abuse and many more health issues (Font and Jack, 2015). Someone who has gone through multiple adverse childhood experiences and therefore reports a higher ACE score might see early mortality and increased comorbid conditions. prevalence of the leading cause of death in adulthood. There has been very little research on the…

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