Childhood In An American Childhood

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Children are known to have a boundless imagination and limitless creativity, free to play and enjoy life while they are still young. Happiness, joy, and laughter are some of the few often detected in a child’s face. Since they are new to the world, they aren’t afraid to be themselves. It isn’t uncommon for adults to miss those years of their childhood where they could be happy in their own world and have no worries. Growing up and learning about the real world brought many responsibilities and hardships, making it difficult to return to that state of childlike freedom. Sometimes it even seems impossible to ever return to that state of happiness from the past while maintaining the responsibilities of an adult. In “An American Childhood”, the reader is taken back to Annie’s childhood and her dreams and adventures as a kid, and by the end of the book, Annie is entering her first year of college. By becoming an adult, she has proven that one can still live a fun and creative life while still being logical in the real world.
“An American Childhood” mostly consists of Annie’s thoughts and adventures as a kid. She finds interest in many studies like minerology, insects, and forensics, which are otherwise unpopular topics among other children. Her curiosity in such concepts has inspired her dreams and possibilities of becoming a scientist or detective. Like any other kid, she wanted to learn and explore, not having any limitations, and her childhood helps to shape her into an adult

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