Childhood In Catcher In The Rye

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The stage between adulthood and childhood is inundating for every teenager going through this phase.It is as if you are stuck between two worlds that you are not accepted in.In the Catcher In the Rye,by J.D Salinger,Holden Caulfield, a puerile character growing into maturity,experiences the events of a mundane teenager;However, approaches it differently and suffers from his actions.During his interaction with the authentic world across Incipient York City,Holden perpetually endeavors to find who he is and what he will be in the future.The ducks in the pond are the curiosity Holden has about his future.The natural museum of history and his trepidation of change.Lastly,his kid-sister Pheobe:Holden wants to guide her to not become a spurious…show more content…
He withal mentions that he is troubled by the fact that he has transmuted every time he returns to them. The museum represents the fantasy that Holden wishes he would live in: a world of his “catcher in the rye” fantasy, a world where nothing ever changes, where everything is simple, understandable, and illimitable(chapter 16). Holden is terrified by the capricious challenges of the world—he detests conflict, he is traumatized by Allie’s preposterous death, and he fears interaction with other people.

The ducks in the Catcher in the Rye,as well as the pond,betoken the environment and exemplifies the construal of Holden’s life.During the winter time,Holden wonders where the ducks go when the pond freezes.He asks the cab drivers where they go,where they would,or when they will come back.(Chapter 9,12)The ducks vanish,but return that avails Holden understand that change is ad interim,but recurrent.He understands by the terminus of the novel,”it was partly frozen and partly not
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His involution with the ducks,The museum, Central Park,The catcher in the rye, and his survival in the cessation, all contribute to his conversion to becoming an adult.Holden tells his Story from an institution and explicates how he surmounted this arduousness and understands why.Innocence will always be disoriented,but can never be forgotten.It is fine to feel dissatisfied with adulthood and too gratified with childhood to be stuck in two worlds;However,deal with it differently than Holden did and learn from his
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