Childhood Obesity : A Growing, Public Health Disorder

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Purpose of the Study: Childhood obesity is a growing, public health disorder that has actually been turned into a disease because it is so ordinary, now, in many Americans. When it comes to childhood obesity, most people ask why the parents are not doing something about it or why they did not interfere, earlier, before the disease came to be obesity. Traditionally, being a fat kid meant being a healthy and strong kid, a kid who was likely to survive the diligence of gaunt and viruses or infection. In the past few years, however, an overabundance of fat has feasibly become the foremost childhood health problem in the U.S. and many expanded countries. Obesity has many other factors that could potentially lead to other diseases such as diabetes, liver and/or gallbladder disease, cancers, and many other health problems. When someone is diagnosed with obesity, they are just beginning the long journey of many other health problems waiting unless action is immediately taken and taken rigorously. There are several definitions of the terms overweight and obesity, and several definitions of the terms overweight and obesity in children that differ from the general terms. Those definitions that deal with overweight and obesity in children deviate between epidemiological studies, which make comparisons of cross-sectional generality data difficult. Nonetheless, multiple studies have examined change in pervasiveness within populations over time, and the results of those analyses are
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