Childhood Obesity Is A Tremendous Problem Among Our Youth Today

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Childhood obesity is a tremendous problem among our youth today. Over the past couple of decades, the prevalence of obesity has increased dramatically. Studies show that in the last 30 years the percent of 6-to 11- year-olds as well as the percent of 12- to 19- year -olds who fall under the obese or overweight category has tripled (Finkelstein). Nearly two out of every three Americans are overweight or obese, and one out of every eight deaths in the United States is caused by an obesity-related illness (Carmona). Obesity has always been an issue, but in recent decades the severity of the cases of obesity as well as the percent of obese people has increased dramatically.
There are many factors that contribute to obesity. Heredity is one of the key factors in determining whether or not a child becomes overweight or obese. When one of the parents is overweight or obese, the chance that he/she will have a child that is also overweight increases by 50 percent. Additionally, if both parents are considered overweight, the chances that their child will be obese as well increases to 80 percent (Wexler). Furthermore, once the child is born and grows up, he or she is more likely to become obese if both of his or her parents work (Wexler). This is because working parents don’t always have the time to make healthy dinners or supervise everything their child consumes. Consequently, children can consistently eat unhealthy meals and snacks resulting in an increase in weight gain.
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