Children During The Civil War

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Children played a bigger part in the Civil War than most people know. It is really hard to imagine young children having direct involvement in the Civil War because of how society is today. Now you have to be at least eighteen to be deployed. Back during the Civil War children were trying to enroll at the age of ten. Teenagers were trained to fight in battle on the front lines. Being in the army was not the only important job children had. They played many parts such as taking care of families at home and being drummer boys for the army as well. The girls had to take over the jobs the men and boys had when they went to go fight. Life was not easy for children in the South. For children in the South the war was all around them because that is where most of the fighting took place. There are also many famous children that took part in war. A lot of their lives have been recorded. There are probably other ways that they have contributed that we will never know or understand. There are many reasons as to why children had such a big part in the Civil War. Children were an active, enthusiastic, and critical part of Civil War society(“Children in the Civil War”). They made up a larger portion of the United States population in 1860 than in the 21st century. Children under the age 19 made up nearly half of the population, so they were greatly needed in the war for numbers. Lots of children took up arms with older men and served in the army as soldiers or musicians.…
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