Children In The Foster Care System: A Case Study

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Many teens, in the United States take advantage of Christmas such as myself. On Friday, December 9th of 2016, I went to the DHR in Geneva, Alabama to wrap Christmas gifts for children in the foster care system. My parents also told me that there are kids that didn’t get anything for Christmas now I know what they meant.
In the year 2014, there was an estimated count of four hundred thousand kids in the foster care system. Many of these kids are more likely still in the foster care facility. These children are constantly bouncing from home to home trying to find a permanent place to call home. All kids just want to be able to have a family, and be able to call something their home. Approximately only forty percent of kids in the foster care
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However, it did make me want to adopt a child from the system when I get older. Being able to give a child something they’ve always wanted is a great moment. It feels you with love, joy, and most of all it feels you with sadness. The sadness comes from the thoughts of what each child in this system thinks about themselves. Many of these kids have self esteem issues, and that is why it’s great to share your happiness with another. Our time should be spent making each other happy. If people aren’t happy then the universe stays dull and inadequate. We should spend our extra hours doing things for the greater good, such as helping our community. It takes little effort to participate in community projects. Towards the end of the DHR Christmas wrap, we learned that the workers have to recycle old Christmas wrapping, tape, ribbons, and tags. They don’t get funded, but they recycle things from their home or their work space so that these kids a can have a good Christmas. Everything I learned at the DHR changed my perspective on how I view Christmas, and how I view life. This can all seem hard to understand since I barely understood as well, but understanding foster kids’ situations made me realize that people who can get by shouldn’t take things for granted.
Therefore, getting to go to this event, and learn as much as I did made me change how I see things. More people should go to events, like the DHR Christmas wrap, so they can learn how to view the aspects of life differently. In society today, all people see is greed or grief. We, as the people, can change this. Making the foster care system better, and giving kids hope is just one step. Everyone can stand up in their community, and make a difference if we just choose
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