Children In The Military

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The men and women who serve our country are the true American heroes. It is not only the people who wear the uniform that make the ultimate sacrifice but their families as well. The children who have grown up watching their parent or sibling serve in the military have coined the nickname “military brat”. Without a doubt the military has a huge impact to those who were raised in it. I find that children that have grown up in the military tend to have more respect and pride towards our nation. During an election we tend to lean more towards the candidate that honors our troops and supports our veterans. We get offended the when people step on the U.S flag as a form of protest and always stand for the national anthem. We believe in the constitution …show more content…

We knew that it was unacceptable to cut up or come home with a “C”. I remember my when my dad received a phone call from my older brother’s teacher stating that my brother had been using his phone during class. My dad was furious and made my brother move everything from his room besides his bed, clothes, and books and put them in trash bags. My father locked my brother’s games, phone, car keys, radio, and guitar in his closet for nearly three weeks plus numerous talks about the rights and wrongs. Children and young adults raised in the military know not to talk back, respect our elders, graduate and become successful. When you have a parent in the military you growing knowing that the military has so much to offer and is one of the best career choices. Boys specifically know there is no greater honor than to serve and protect the United States of America. My great grandfather was in the Navy and a survivor of the USS Indianapolis, my grandfather was a pilot during the Vietnam War, my dad is currently serving in the US Army, and my brother is in the Army National Guard and hopes to be a pilot. I am currently twenty years old and the Army has been a part of my entire

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