Children Of Palestine: Our True Stories Analysis

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Argument culture is what societies and politics are built upon, but there are downsides. Argument culture, when used in politics with negative ideals and ideas involved leads to war, and corruption to hatred down to interpersonal levels. A strong example of how this is shown is in a series of stories called Children of Israel, Children of Palestine: Our True Stories. In this collection of stories, children have their own tales about what happens when families get involved with racism and forgiveness.The largest example of racism in the short bit of stories I have read has to be in Thumbprint. A very well shown place where argument culture is not the way to go is when, on page 19, the father starts arguing with the mother on how the child should be raised. His temper chose to rise instead of calming down and discussing it. It shows the large difference in traditions, and he was saddened by how his father acted. A great divide was created by the Oslo Accords, a peace agreement between the Israeli and the Palestinians.…show more content…
As the systematic racism and hatred had increased on political and militarial levels, some people on the interpersonal level still did not harbor apprehension or hatred. In The Arab of Abu-Anton, it was made unclear as whether or not racism exists in the lower parts of the city. But, using a few clues from how the child worded things, there is a large separation between the different people living where they are. It is implied by how far the children traveled away from their home, they “walked from house to house, near the church and the Italian hospital, and on the other side of the street, and back,...”(Ebud Ben-Ezer, 35). This shows that they were weary of leaving past their neighborhood, which is normal for children. It showcases the good side of culture divisions and how argument culture affects
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