Children With A Single Parent Home

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Today children that are raised in a single parent home are viewed differently than those who have both parents when being raised. Many think that having both parents at home is very important and the ideal family. “In the world today more than a third of the population is being raised with only a mother. These calculations have doubled over time and keeps growing as the days go on (Anderson, 2013).” Some say that being raised by only one parent is impossible, but by statistics it is proven wrong. It is more common for children to be raised with only one parent than it is for them to have both parents under one roof. Many parents get divorced, or one gets deathly sick or passes away. Others just leave there children because they don’t want them or simply can’t provide for the child. Children grow emotionally stable and well off whether they have one or two parents at home to show them how life goes and the right paths to take. There are many problems and challenges when a child is raised by only one parent versus having both a mother and a father. Does a child need both parents to live in the society we have today? Does a single parent get any help when raising a child alone? When researching and gathering evidence this topic has become an intriguing argument all around the world today. What do you really need when raising a child properly? When properly raising a child it doesn’t really matter how the structure of the family is, it should be based on the values and morals…
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