Children 's Self Perception : Behavioral Characteristics

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1) Affects one’s self perception. Behavioral characteristics include: • Poor interpersonal relationships. • Altered self-image. • Impulsiveness. • Fear of loneliness and abandonment. 2) Etiology of Borderline Personality Disorder: No identifiable cause, which is common to most mental disorders. Suspected causes include: • Genetic link. Family history of this disorder. • Brain imbalances: Related to decreased neurotransmitter serotonin responsible for mood regulation. Also abnormal function in brain’s mood. Predisposing Risk Factors • Family history. • Traumatic events; i.e. sexual or physical abuse, hostile home environment or forced parental separation. • Personality characteristics such as impulsivity or aggression. 3) Signs and symptoms of BPD include: • Extreme fear of abandonment. • Avoiding any threat of rejection or separation. • Hx of unstable relationships. High esteem for a significant another, who they mistrust. • Sudden shift in self-identity and self- image. Sudden change of goals and values related to self-perception. Clients may have a negative or non-existent self-perception. • Paranoid episodes and losing touch with reality lasting several minutes to a few hours. • Indulging in impulsive or dangerous activities; client may sabotage him or herself by quitting a fulfilling job or ending a purposeful relationship. • Suicidal secondary to separation or rejection. • Broad mood swings lasting hours to days. • Persistent feeling of emptiness. •

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