Chile, Indonesia, And Turkey

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Mint countries refer to Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey, which are economies that are gaining considerable investment interest given their potential for substantial economic growth. The features which these countries share are a fairly large population, which is considered to be young and growing and in addition a prime geographic location to capitalise upon nearby global markets. These features are distinctive against the developed markets and certain BRIC economies which are considered to have an ageing population which is drawing away from their growth potential. According to GDP figures, based on PPP valuation, the growth rates for the MINT economies across 2013 and 2014 have averaged at 5.70%. This is significant given that over the same time horizon the BRIC economies, considered the pinnacle of emerging market growth, experienced a rate of 3.39%. This was relatively lower in comparison eluding towards a shift in the investment potential from BRIC towards Mint Economies. In addition it is worth considering that emerging economies having been attracting increasingly more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) having accounted for 52% of global FDI inflows according to recent data. Looking closer at the FDI spread based on regional allocation it is worth noting that Nigeria received the greatest proportion of FDI in Africa, Indonesia in South-Eastern Asia, Mexico in Central America and Turkey in West Asia. This demonstrates the investment potential within the MINT

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