Chillingworth As A Sinner

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In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, the readers are able to notice how a single sin is capable of destroying three perfectly good lives. Chillingworth, Hester, and Dimmesdale are all guilty of submitting to, anger, and ambition, causing all to qualify as a sinner. Chillingworth’s sinfulness ways put him higher up than Hester and Dimmesdale on the scale of their evil acts. From the instant Chillingworth is introduced, he is dishonest with the Puritan society. Chillingworth is portrayed as though he doesn't know any kind of thing that may have gone on at scaffold. He asks one of the puritans: “…who is this woman? – and wherefore is she here to set up to public shame?” (Hawthorne 67). We learn in the following chapter that he does however

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