Chiropractic Therapy

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Before taking on this assignment I never thought chiropractor was science or even knew that people considered it to be science. Chiropractoric enterprises to me is where you can go for healing an injury, it is more in the category of massage therapy. Now when it comes to medical science I understand that it has to do with medicine that can cure someone’s health condition.
Chiropractic is semi not science, nor does it deal with the human nervous system, anatomy and physiology. I say semi because in my readings when it comes to back pain for spinal manipulation therapy is based on science and is effective for some people who chooses to proceed in that route. (Hall) Chiropractors are not doctors there are more so considered to be healers. In 1895, D. D. Palmer considered himself to be a healer when it came to restoring a deaf man hearing by adjusting the man’s back. (Hall) In those times it was easy for people to believe anything and everything, but after a while that one magical healing is not going to help every condition.
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(Hall) There is no cure for people that are deaf, although they have different treatments to help depending on the condition. Nonetheless, if a genius had an idea on how to cure deafness they would need to do research. With that being said, medical science is all about taking old research that failed, adding new information to build their data of finding a cure. Furthermore, medical science is not only on how to cure the health of a human being its way of preventing and treating diseases. ("Medical Science") Let’s not forget the advance in technology is a big part in the medicine, and science world helping to maintenance ones
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