Chiropractic Essay

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Chiropractors are health-care professionals that contribute a lot to people seeking a health lifestyle. Chiropractors go through safe procedures that can help increase mobility, relieve pain, and optimize performance. A majority of chiropractors treat families however they treat them one-on-one allowing them to form a bond with each person and understanding what that person likes and dislikes. The history of chiropractic first startedoff when Daniel David Palmer made his first chiropractic adjustment on a janitor who couldn’t hear very well. A few days after that adjustment, the janitor cameback and told Palmer that his hearing seemed to improve. The correction to the janitor encouraged Palmer to open a school of chiropractic two years later. “Chiropractic” actually is derived …show more content…

The name given to this new profession became its identity. As stated earlier, chiropractic means "done by hand" and throughout its evolution the profession has struggled with justifying any departures from this fundamental principle of delivering care.Spinal manipulation was not an unknown treatment in 1895, and Palmer never claimed to be the first to use manipulation for the cure of disease. He did claim, however, to be the first to use specific contacts as short-leverage points for making more specific spinal "adjustments." Harvey Lillard was the name of D.D. Palmer's first patient, and an adjustment reportedly curing Lillard's deafness is regarded as the seminal moment for the new profession. D.D. Palmer established his science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic and started a school called the Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1905. Many of his first students were medical doctors exploring this new profession. This early period in the history of chiropractic was a time when many new methods of healing were being

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