Choomsky's Theory Of UG

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The hypothesis is aligned to Chomsky’s theory of UG. In simple words: “Communication” is the meaningful exchange of information between two or more participants (human and non-human) through sounds, gestures, movements, etc., those things constituent isolated signals to transmit very specific messages. On the other hand, “Language” is the human capacity for acquiring and using complex systems of communication. The term Universal Grammar is the name that Noam Chomsky gives, as the very name implies, to those grammatical features that are shared by all derivations of human language.

The ability to use grammatically accurate sentences is a natural process and can be done without being taught. It is part of human cognitive ability because UG itself determines what abilities are innate and what are shared or experience by human. UG defines that if a child is brought up under normal …show more content…

This is an evident example of his theory: humans are natural beings and have undergone evolution (UG) common to all humans. One way to approach this concept is posing a hypothetical question: Why does a child learn the language the way it does?

If we come back to Plato’s problem: the problem of finding and explanation for how a child acquires language though the child does not receive explicit instruction and the input a child receives is limited, we will be able to identify a limited environmental stimulus referred to a Poverty of stimulus. This means that natural language grammar is unlearnable given the relatively limited data available to children learning a language, and therefore that this knowledge is supplemented with some sort of innate linguistic capacity. And also humans are born with a specific representational adaptation for language that both funds and limits their competence to acquire specific types of natural languages over the course of their cognitive development and linguistic

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