Choosing the Right Shoes for Exercising Essay

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After yesterday’s biceps and back workout, I am feeling sore. I have decided to do light cardio today and focus on triceps and shoulders tomorrow. With this rest day, I want to take a moment to talk about shoes when weight training. It is very important to select the proper shoes to help avoid injury and make the most of the lifting sessions. Years ago, I went to workout with a trainer at Gold’s Gym in Sunrise, Fla. He practically yelled at me for wearing Chuck Taylor’s. In fact, he told me how they have no support and it was a poor choice to wear them during the session. For many years after, I started wearing shoes with thicker soles. However, his advice was completely WRONG. Before you make the same mistake listening to the wrong …show more content…

- Technique. A pair of good lifting shoes will correct many technique problems. - Safety. With more control over stability and technique, this makes for better balance and reducing the risk of injury during a weight training session. Best Shoes for Squats This really depends on how you squat. However, the sole should always be incompressible for maximal stability, power and technique. For low bar squats, we lean forward with less depth. According to Louie Simmons, an American power lifter and strength coach, he recommends wearing Chuck Taylor’s. When it comes to Olympic and front squats, the torso is upright. Here, you want shoes with a slight heel to make the going deep easier. According to Cody Burgner, a crossfitter, he recommends the brands Reebok, Risto, Nike, Adidas, Do-Win, and VS athletic. Best Shoes for Deadlifts When it comes to deadlifts, thinner soles are better. This allows the bar to travel less and keep your feet closer to the floor. In the end, you will be able to lift heavier weight. These shoes should be incompressible and flat. - Bare is all. If you want to get as close to the floor as possible, going barefoot is an option. However, going bare is not an option when competing. They will require socks or slippers. - Ballet slippers. Ballet slippers are less slippery than socks. Usually, they have a rubber sole but still very thin. - Chuck Taylor’s. The soles of

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