Chopin VS Thurber and Relationships

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In the stories “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber (Clugston, sec. h1.1) and “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin (Clugston, sec. h2.1) escapism is a similar theme with in both these stories, yet there is a slight variance in how each of these authors place these characters into their escape from reality, relationships, and everyday chaos. In each of these stories the author shows the characters escaping the realities of the relationship, one through Walter Mitts’ daydreams, and the other through one brief hour when Louise Mallard pictures her new life of freedom. Through the use of characterization, imagery, point of view and setting these authors bring in the element of escapism to each story. In the short story “The…show more content…
h2.1). In this stanza it paints a portrait of her going back in time to try and recollect what love was about with her husband and was it silent or restless. B. "two white slender hands"(Clugston, sec. h2.1) is a clue to the reader that her character is gentle as well as a lady and should be treated as so, however the "lines"(Clugston, sec. h2.1) as described by the narrator show she’s hiding many deep feelings. When someone is filled with recession the chance to escape their stress and hurt would be welcomed. In “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty the use of imagery give the reader a illustrative description of the daydreams he is having while allowing the reader to have a vivid picture of the goings-on around him. The imagery of his wife’s consistent nagging is brought into focus allowing the reader to identify with Walter concerning his wife s overbearing and scrutinizing ways. In “The Story of An Hour” imagery gives the reader a feel of almost relief along with the use of our senses such as taste, smell, sight and sounds to set a stage the tragedies yet to come. Deneau suggests this story may be a reflection of a sexual experience. In both of these cases an escape from the true reality is possible. (1) Secret Life of Walter Mitty A. In the stanzas “not so fast! You’re driving too fast!” said Mrs. Mitty. “What are you driving so fast for?” (Clugston, sec. h1.1),these lines give the reader a picture of both Mr. Mitty and Mrs. Mitty driving

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