Christian Beliefs Of The United Methodist Church

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Since birth, I have been a Christian. Specifically, I belong to the United Methodist Church. My mother was a Catholic, but had decided to become a United Methodist and to raise me in that church. I have always believed in Christian beliefs such as God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as well as having read Bible stories since childhood and participating in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, retreats, and many other things. I have many essential memories of being in church, from asking the pastor to allow me to finish the bread and grape juice from Communion at the end of every Eucharist Sunday service (she always obliged) to being certified as a Youth Lay Servant and giving a few sermons. My faith has been a big part of my life for all nineteen years of it, and I try to live my life in a way I believe God wants me to.
However, unlike many Christians who seem to always have criticism towards every little transgression, I do not tell people things such as that they will go to hell unless they conform to the way I believe they should act, based upon what others say is written in the Bible. From my understanding of God, He would much rather prefer me to love them despite their sins, as that is what Jesus did during His time on Earth, as well as what He does at all times. I have seen many people who will not—or perhaps even cannot—listen to what I say about my religion, because some others had hurt them deeply “in the name of God.” The God I believe in would never want

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