Christianity And Free Methodist Church

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Weapons, such as guns or knives, are not innately evil, but rather serve whatever purpose a person chooses for one. This remains true for more than just physical tools. Ideals and beliefs have been used throughout the ages to justify actions, good and bad alike. For example, Christianity was used commonly during the crusades as a justification to slaughter thousands of people for the purpose of reclaiming the ‘holy land.’ Though this one belief has been used broadly for negative actions such as that extreme example or even something is frivolous as the picketing of funerals by Westboro Baptist Church, it has also been used to better the world. The church I belonged to, Pine Grove Free Methodist Church, made its best efforts to assist its surrounding community by volunteering at the local homeless shelter and running charity events for starving children in Africa. Furthermore, interpretation and practice truly differentiates the diverse groups within Christianity from their stereotypes. However, to better understand Christianity and Free Methodist denomination I belonged to, one must understand their foundations and common practices within. Unlike most groups where a person joins that respective community by choice, an individual is usually either born into Christianity or brought into it through a close friend or family member. On rare occasions a person seeks out this belief by themselves, usually under the guise of searching for a purpose in their life. In a lot of ways
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