Christian Figures : Peter And Mary Magdalene

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Of the three important Christian figures we read about in this section, Peter, Paul and Mary Magdalene each had their own ways of working towards spreading the idea and religion of Christianity, through the word of Jesus. Each are important figures in their own right and their own way to the successful spread of Christianity. According to the book, these three figures could be seen as the key players in the foundation and establishment of the Christian church. Whilst also being three of the most important followers of Jesus Christ. Peter we learn was the "right hand man" of Jesus during his public ministry, Paul was the greatest missionary of the Christian church after the death of Jesus and Mary was the closest woman follower of Jesus she was the first to realize that Jesus had been resurrected from the dead and the book also tells us it can be argued that Mary was the first Christian. Throughout the reading of the book I found Peter to be the most important leader for the spread of Christianity, though each played large roles in the spread in their own ways. Peter took a similar approach to what we saw Paul take earlier in the class, by essentially opening up the religion to all people instead of how it was perceived previously as just a religion for Jewish people. We saw Paul trying to convey this message to the Gentiles, and trying to convince people that one need not to be Jewish in order to be following the word of God and the teachings of Jesus. According to

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