Christian Humanism And The Protestant Reformation

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Throughout the fifteenth century, the Roman Catholic religion was studied by the majority of the European population. A new movement known as the Renaissance slowly began to change the public’s opinions of Roman Catholic theology. The Renaissance sparked a movement that was highly popular in the upper class known as Humanism. Humanism focused on the classical works and becoming a well- rounded citizen. The new undertaking sculpted influential individuals who would change history, known as Christian humanists. The Christian humanists emphasized the structure of the early Christian Church which was much different than the Roman Catholic Church in this point in history. In the sixteenth century, the Christian humanists’ influence finally took a toll on the Roman Catholic Church by sparking the Protestant Reformation. The desire of the Christian humanists was responsible for the Protestant Reformation because it caused them to question the principles of the Catholic church, take stand and start new beliefs, and by exposing the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church Many priests, clergyman and other religious officials were consistent in studying and writing for the Catholic Church. After understanding the fundamentals of the church, Desderius Erasmus came to the conclusion that the studies of the Roman Catholic Church were too doctrinal. From this he wrote a work known as the Philosophy of Christ saying that Christianity needed to be more of a lifestyle and less meaningless

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