Christianity And Homosexuality : The Way Of Thinking

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Similar to the ancient Greeks’ way of thinking, homosexuality in Christianity was considered taboo because of the way the homosexual acts (specifically sodomy) were considered to degrade one partner to the status of a female. An encyclopedia article in the Encyclopedia of Gender and Society, titled “Christianity and Homosexuality”, talks about how the way a person interprets the different lessons of the Bible can influence how they view homosexuality. Using the historical-critical way of reading the text, you put the reading into its historical context, taking into consideration what was happening at the time, what the words would have meant in that time and so on. The article argues that “the complexity of the issue is often over-simplified either because of an inadequate appreciation for the diversity of positions promulgated about homosexuality among Christian denominations today or because of long-held cultural taboos and religious biases about the root ‘causes’ of homosexuality”(O’Brien). I somewhat agree with the article when it talks about how it is assumed that Christianity is automatically against homosexuality. I think that Christianity hadn’t really thought out its view on homosexuality until it started to become a widespread issue in society, but at the same time, they are inherently homophobic, starting with Adam and Eve and their heterosexual relationship. I also believe that, while the article doesn’t mention it, one of the “religious biases about the root

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