Christianity During The Roman Empire

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Christianity in Rome
Religion is an important feature in most cultures throughout time. Different religions have been more prominent than others, one of the most popular being Christianity. Christianity developed during the time of the Roman Empire. It began as a minority religion and grew into something much more than that. Christianity’s importance to the empire increased over time. At first, Christian values seemed different than those of pagan Roman civilization and Romans were not sure how to react to this growing minority religion. The difference between the two religions became clearer as Christianity became more prominent.
Paganism was present in Rome since its founding. A majority of Roman culture developed from Greek culture. Roman paganism adopted many of its beliefs from Greek paganism. Roman pagans believed in more than one god as the Greeks did. Religion was very prevalent in Roman architecture, art, plays, writings, and money. Romans also held their values as being rather important. This is evident through the many writings about Roman culture that have survived to this day such as Aeneid and The Confessions.
Roman citizens throughout the empire highly valued honor. An account proving the importance of honor is the story of Lucretia. This account also aids in explaining the origins of Rome as well as the establishing of the Republic of Rome. Lucretia was a noblewoman and was staying in her estate alone. One of her guests rapes her while her husband and
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