Christianity, Religion, And Religion Essay

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Christianity, one of the western religion which is accepted by more than 30% of the world population. Actually, I am not part of this religion: I am from Hindu religion, an eastern religion. In my religion, there are thousands of gods, but I don 't even know the name of more than 50 gods. Unlike Hindu, in Christianity, there is only one God, Jesus Christ, who is the central figure in Christianity. Among the Christianity community, it is believed that God sends his son to the earth to free the people from pain and suffering. For the salvation of the people son of God took an avatar of Jesus Christ. It is also believed that Jesus came back after the third day of his death. As I am the person from a different religion, I find the different concept of God in western religion. We, Eastern people worship many gods and we have many festivals to celebrate but in Christianity, people only follow to Lord Jesus. For them, Christmas is their main festival as it is the birth date of Christ, Easter as the day that Jesus came back from his death.
According to the Christian mythology, Jesus was born from virgin women Mary. Nearly about 2,000 years ago, Mary was informed by the angel named Gabriel that she would have a son, Jesus, who would be the son of god. And soon, Mary (the virgin women) gave birth to the Jesus Christ in the stable. At the birth of the Jesus Christ, the angel tells some shepherds that their savior, Christ had already taken birth. Very soon, the news about the birth

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