Christians Should Not Press their Beliefs upon their Society

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The stupidity of people amazes me. This is not to say that I am the smartest person or anything but it still seems like adults, some having obtained several college degrees, would stop to think before they opened their mouths. That these ‘geniuses’ would put down their own personal views and beliefs long enough to see the clear and logical answer. Instead, they are clouded by their ingrained thought and thus cannot give an unbiased opinion. Julius R. Oppenheimer is a perfect example. This exemplary theoretical physicist and scholar was man was quoted by theologian and philosopher Francis Schaeffer as saying: “Christianity is just a person’s personal belief, while modern science is a fact. Christians should not press their beliefs upon their society.” I cannot begin to state how much this statement boggles my mind. He not only states that his personal beliefs or lack thereof, are proof against Christianity but that the unproven scientific theories that he holds are fact. The argument here is not against his beliefs but against his unwaveringness towards those of others.

His statement that Christianity is just a “personal belief” is quite true. However this is what I find to be utterly ridiculous: Oppenheimer doesn’t even leave room for a person’s personal belief to also be the truth; he wants it to stay a fairytale invented to make us ‘idiots’ happy. As if for some reason there has to be a clear line between personal and religious beliefs. Anyone in there right mind

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