Christiany and The Roman Empire Essay examples

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Rome once was one of the most powerful political republic, then an empire which existed for quite a long time. Rome was mainly based on Greek culture; they took Greek gods and changed their names nothing more for example: Apollo remains same in both cultures; Artemis and Diana both have the title of the goddess of the hunt. Romans Empire was conquering countries all over the world, making itself most influential empire at that time. Christianity was banned religion in Rome until AD 313, when Emperor Constantine made Christianity official religion. Christianity played more than important role in fall of an empire; it was reason that destroyed Roman Empire, because people started to ignore emperor. People say that Rome fell because of pervasion which isn’t true because there was a corruption in economy, no middle class and that they always had a war with someone. The reason why Christianity spread so fast in Rome was because it, would benefit whole lower class because they had chance to live happily after they would die, and also Christianity was very close to roman morals.
To start with, soldiers who went to war were mostly poor people who had a small land at home, they had to serve 25 years, so they spent half of their lives in a army and meanwhile his family didn’t have a man who could take control of land and some kind of business and they had to sell the land. Money after the war didn’t go to soldiers it went to the high class members which did with it everything what…

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