Christmas, 1970 By Sandra M. Castillo

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Everyone has a favorite holiday. There is Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then there is everyone’s favorite- Christmas! Christmas comes with the feeling of warmth, of family, and of home. What happens, though, if all one ever knew during Christmas time was completely changed? What happens if home just is not home anymore? Sandra M. Castillo addresses that situation that actually occurred in her own life in her poem, “Christmas, 1970.” Castillo moved from Cuba to the United States in 1970 and as an eight-year old she reveals her true feelings during and about the Christmas season. Throughout the poem, she reveals a theme of what home means to her, written in her point of view as she sits under her aunt’s Christmas tree at her aunt’s apartment. Castillo uses devices like symbolism, imagery, and flashback to support her them that no one can return to their childhood home. In Castillo’s three-stanza poem, she starts off by using the literary device of symbolism. As one reads this poem, it is quickly realized that it is a narrative and easy to follow along with. Compared with some other flowy and fancy poetry, “Christmas, 1970,” is a bit different. In the first stanza, Castillo talks in the present tense, as they put together a Christmas tree during their first Christmas in the United States, an unfamiliar territory. Castillo uses the device of symbolism to support her overall theme. She states “Mother finds herself opening,

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