Christmas Tree Essay

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During the holidays, a tree will go up somewhere in the household at some undecided time. It varies from year to year, but the Christmas tree will usually go up in my room because I prefer to have a Christmas tree, whereas my parents could go without one. The Christmas tree goes up when it is most convenient, which varies from year to year. Sometimes this is towards the end of Thanksgiving break, but other times it may not be until two or three weeks into December. My family has had real trees in the past but real trees are kind of a hassle. Because of this, we have stuck with artificial trees the past few years. When we used to get a real tree, my father would buy one of the trees for sale at Marketplace and set it up by himself. Once …show more content…

Apart from these few things, there are very few other decorations. My mother owns a Christmas Village but does not normally put it on display because my dad says it causes too much clutter. This year, my mother put a portion of her display on a card table she set up and my father asked if she was preparing for a thrift sale, she wasn’t. We used to hang simple, red stockings in the living room. We no longer hang stockings and have not done so in years. I had discovered where Santa’s gifts come from at an early age, so certain traditions that revolved around Santa came to a quick halt. When my cousins and I were younger, we would all make sugar cookies with our Nana.
We would cut out the cookies into shapes, such as a star, stocking, or snowman. Then we would decorate the cookies with multiple colors of frosting and red and green sprinkles. There was not an order to who cut out what shapes or who decorated what shapes. This tradition had stopped relatively quickly, once my eldest cousin had reached high school. Now if I bake during the holidays, I try out recipes I find on Pinterest and bake by myself. I normally enjoy them myself and leave extras in the fridge for my parents. Other times when I have made extra baked goods I will gift them to others. I thoroughly enjoy listening to Christmas music, even before Thanksgiving is over. During the months of November and December, I am usually listening to

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