Christopher Columbus and His Goals Essay

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Christopher Columbus and his goalsCertainly, Columbus was a devout Catholic. He lived during the period of the great Spanish Inquisition, which led to the defeat of the Jews and Muslims. Perhaps he wanted to continue the Spanish legacy and spread the faith toward the west. However, personal ambitions may have also sparked Columbus's interest in finding a water route to the Indies. He asks for gold many times from the natives and searches all the islands in hopes of discovering more. He views the natives as a source of economical benefit, hoping to employ them for practical purposes. Even though there are not any indications of immense amounts of gold and spices in the New World, Columbus continues to ask for more Spanish support in order…show more content…
The fact that Columbus is able to walk around the "garden" shows that he believes he is such a pure figure. Columbus also stresses that it is only by God's permission that one can enter Eden, "no one can enter except by God's leave." Thus he has been chosen by God to rediscover heaven on earth and has been given a divine purpose. Throughout his logbooks, Columbus portrays himself as a righteous man on a quest for God, therefore implying the wholesomeness of all his actions.

Many of his actions signify Columbus's belief that he had truly discovered the Garden of Eden. He constantly describes the natives as being "naked as their mothers bore them." These descriptions begin almost every introduction about a new group of natives during the first voyage implying that most if not all the Indians were not clothed. They obviously were quite comfortable without any attire since it appeared to Columbus that no one was fully dressed. Columbus adds the phrase "As their mothers bore them" to show the childlike qualities of the Indians. When a child first enters the world, he or she has not committed any sin, because there has not been enough time or opportunities. Columbus views the natives as innocent beings. The bible produces a similar account of Adam and Eve, the inhabitants of Eden, "And they were both naked, the man and his wife and were not ashamed." (Genesis 2:25) They lived in harmony
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