Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Dialectical Journal

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Cierra Raynor
Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Journal (#9)

The novel, Chronicle of a Death Foretold was written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This works genre is fiction.The text was inspired by a real murder that took place in Columbia in the 1950s. This novel took place in the 1950s in a small Colombian coastal town. The first sentence in the novel informs the reader that Santiago is about to be killed to build suspense and curiosity.

The intervening pages informs the reader about the backstory before the death of Santiago, like a flashback. The author most likely did this to clarify the story line. In the intervening pages the author informed the reader that santiago was a drunk, machismo was huge in culture, santiago and his father were …show more content…

A woman's purity was something that held much honor and respect for her future husband. This was why women in the 50s were known to live at home with their fathers until a marriage was arranged or until she was proposed to. After Angela was raped she was proposed to by Bayardo. She was forced to marry him to help her family since they were terribly poor. After their wedding she told Bayardo that she wasn't pure and after this he returned her. This brought much shame to her name and her family’s name. This is why the Vacario brother had to kill Santiago and This is why the townspeople didn't stop them, they felt it was right they Santiago be punished for his wrong doings.

The purpose of having the reader wait until the end the see the murder itself is because that's how to story stays suspenseful and keeps the reader interested. Having the reader wait until the end gives the author more time to clarify everything. Without waiting until the end the reader wouldn’t have as much history or background (clarity) on the murder itself. For example, the reader wouldn’t know why the Vicario brothers had to kill Santiago even though they didn't want to or why hardly anyone tried to stop the murder from

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