Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Symbolism Essay

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Symbols in COADF In the novel, Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, symbols are utilized throughout the novel to express certain feelings and foreshadow events. Many of the symbols coincide with the events that led up to the death of Santiago Nascar. Santiago Nascar was a man who was murdered because he was accused of a tale a woman told on him. Some symbols depict the townspeople’s feelings, while others detail thoughts and motives of why Santiago died. Symbols in the novel convey themes such as lies,innocence, guilt, and sacrifice. One significant symbol in the novel is flowers. Flowers express two different types of meanings in terms of what they represent. One representation of flowers is how they describe a woman’s purity. Once a woman has lost her virginity, she is considered to be “deflowered”. Angela Vicario is a character who lost her virginity before she got …show more content…

The interaction with the butchers sets the tone that something odd is up with the brothers. After Angela tells her brothers who the deflowerer is, the brothers find their tools, that were used for sacrificial purposes, and went to the meat market to sharpen them (pages 50-51). On pages 51 and 52, the narrator dives into great detail about their conversation. The brothers’ reputation in the town is described as “good people”. They were so well-known in the community, no one paid attention to them (page 52). The butchers described the men as drunk and saw nothing wrong with their actions. Once the brothers confess that they would be killing Santiago Nascar, the butchers thought it was a joke, hence the reference of them being drunk. The butchers symbolize the brothers and foreshadow the death of Santiago by exemplifying how they were going to kill Santiago. Butchers are known for killing animals by chopping them up; the same way the brothers premeditatedly killed

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