Chronicle of a Death Foretold Chapter 1 Analysis

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2YS Literatura Banco Crónica de una Muerte Anunciada – Capitulo Uno Andy Corridan (W) Parte Uno 1. There are contradicting references to the weather at various points throughout the novel. Some people recall that it was a bright and pleasant morning; however others remember that the weather was ‘funereal’. The poor weather conditions are closely linked with Santiago’s death; there is a strong sense that his death could have been prevented. The weather that day was just like the drizzle that featured in Santiago’s dream. 2. This passage refers to the actions of the narrator. He reveals that he spent the night of the wedding with a prostitute and awoke to the ringing of the bells which he assumed were being sounded for the arrival…show more content…
His mother was known to interpret dreams but didn't see anything unusual in what he told her. He dreamt about trees a lot, she would later remember. She fails to recognize the significance of Santiago's dream of birds and trees the night before. She regrets that she paid more attention to the birds, which signify good health. Trees, on the other hand, are an omen. Another factor which makes the reader think that Santiago’s death could have been prevented is the envelope which he fails to read as he leaves his house in the morning of the arrival of the bishop. If Santiago had seen the envelope he might have been able to prevent his own death. What is interesting is that someone, who was never identified, left this envelope with precise details of how and where and when the conspiracy to kill Santiago was going to be carried out. I think Márquez includes this to show that someone close to the brothers has recently found out about (/ has been involved all along but has got cold feet at the last minute) their plans to kill Santiago and hence decided to warn him of the twins’ planned murder. There are several other references of his imminent death; for example, the brothers only wake up when Santiago leaves his house; this seems as if all of the events of that day were destined to happen in a particular way. Moreover, Santiago is also described as ‘already seeming like a ghost’ and there is also a mention of ‘the hand of death’ – Santiago is like a dead-man walking.

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