Church Shooting : Fort Worth Texas

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Church shooting: In Fort Worth Texas Lucas Nelson Ms. Sandbulte Adv.Comp 1-6-16 Lucas Nelson Ms. Sandbulte Adv.Comp 1-6-16 Church Shooting In a very tragic moment in the year 1999 It was said that a man named Larry Gene Ashbrook ran into a church and started shooting. He was carrying a 9mm, and a 380-caliber handguns and a pipe bomb. Larry killed 7people and himself after this and wounding 7 others. larry was being accused of other crimes and he was said to be very violent to his father after his mother died nine years before the shooting with all this on his shoulders it drove him mad and he wanted people to feel his pain of being alone and accused of doing things he didn 't do. Larry was a very violent man guy. Larry 's mother had passed away nine years before the shooting. After that Larry got more violent. Larry’s father had lived with him at the time and neighbors would see him being violent to his father. In the months before the shooting, people who knew Ashbrook say he became increasingly paranoid, certain that he was being framed for serial murder and other crimes that he did not commit. Larry had also been afraid that the CIA were targeting him, and he reported psychological warfare, assaults by co-workers and being drugged by the police. Just days before the shooting he voiced these concerns to a newspaper, saying "I want someone to tell my story, no one will listen to me; no one will believe me."(murderpedia) Larry gene

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