Churches Should Not Be Divided

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Why Churches Should Not Be So Divided
One of the core values in Christianity is to love one another like Christ loved us, but us as Christians can’t even seem to love each other in our own churches. Let alone other churches.
In a world already divided so greatly, we as Christians should strive to establish more unity and do away with so much division within our own churches.
Let’s face it, Christians don’t necessarily have the best rep. There are major news stories of Christian bakers refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex couple. You can watch videos such as this one, , where random people are asked their opinion on Christianity and there are certainly people with unfavorable views on …show more content…

But most doctrine.” People are certainly concerned about how the ‘stigma’ of not being tied to one certain set of beliefs affects the church as a whole. I believe that this is a problem within churches with denominations as well. I currently attend a Baptist Church. I attend Trinity Baptist Church to be precise. I grew up in the Baptist church and am a born-again Christian familiar with the beliefs and ideology of the Baptist branch of Protestant Christianity. So you may be wondering, why I would be criticizing the very branch of religion I associate myself with. Or why I criticize any denomination of Christianity in general. It is not as much that I am against the idea of people having different perspectives of the same religion, or different ways to tell the same story, if you will. It is more or less my wish to ease or even put an end to the compartmentalization of ourselves within our own denominations and churches. A post from Starting Point puts in

Walker 3 into great words, “During Jesus’ ministry, he prayed that his future followers would exhibit a special kind of unity that would be a testimony to the world. So what happened? Rather than unity, harmony, and cooperation, Christians are often known for their squabbles and divisions. Even when they appear to get along, they divide up into hundreds of different groups, churches, and denominations. For those who are not Christians, it seems

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