Cigam Island: A Short Story

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Owen marquart Cigam Island “BOOM!” clapped the thunder-- The big cloud in the sky. “Dad come on!” I said rage filled. The noise of the rain pouring down in buckets out the window was as loud as our argument. “You are a nine year old boy Max I’m not buying you more toys,” now I was mad. “But dad we’re rich we can buy them!” “No.” He assured. The velvet curtains blowing in his face made dad look like a ghost “I think you should get out more, so I’m taking you on my yacht Max.” “Yeah sure, in this whirlwind?” I asked sarcastically. My dad agreed, and we waited for the storm to stop. “This is how Mom died you know...“ Dad said. “It was a shame that the car accident started from a drizzle.” …show more content…

“Oh?” he asked, “Yes”I said. “They-- They just vanished!” Soon enough, the boats and helicopters were sent. Once I was satisfied with the resources sent, the officers sent me to my worrisome father who hugged me like I was a teddy bear. “Oh my gosh, I was so worried!” He exclaimed happily “Where on Earth were you? You obviously couldn't have survived four days without food,” I told him my story and he asked “what was the name of this weird island?” I replied, “Cig--” “Cigam island,” he whispered without me telling him. I was shocked that he knew. We just stared smiling. I know he was there before. But how? Perhaps HE was just like me when he was my age. “I knew that storm was familiar,” Dad said “Now don’t think I’m crazy, but the storm’s alive. It teaches all spoiled children a lesson, a life lesson.” A week later while I was playing with my golden action figure, I heard a knock on my door. “I’ll get it!” Dad said After 20 minutes of talking, I overheard the police saying there was no evidence of people on that island at all, all they could find was a burning fire. I still think of the fire to this day: the endless fire burning on the mysterious, magic Cigam

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