Cigarettes Should Be Banned in America

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Everybody has their own opinions when it comes to banning cigarettes all around America. If you smoke, you usually have a different opinion then those who don’t smoke cigarettes, but it’s something that does need to be taken control of and stopped. It isn’t only a nasty addiction, but its threatening people’s lives, and even those lives of the ones who don’t smoke. It isn’t okay to let minors get cigarettes, or put yourself in the position of getting a disease or dying, so why keep smoking in America and let this awful addiction take control of your life?
Children all across the United States will go into convenience stores and try to purchase cigarettes themselves. A lot of places, not knowing what their real age is, won’t ID them if they look 18 and will hand the child a pack of cigarettes. “Most stores that do this do get prosecuted but something had to be done to keep under age children out of stores and buying cigarettes.” “Stores started cracking down on illegal buying of cigarettes, and have noticed a dramatic fall in the selling rate of cigarettes after trying different strategies.” People just don’t understand the harm they are causing when handing a child a pack of cigarettes. But they also don’t realize the penalties they can receive for handing, or selling a pack to a minor. “If someone gets caught giving a child a pack of cigarettes you can get fined, and even spend up to 90 days in jail,” legal match tells us. Doing an illegal action like that, don’t think

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