Cinema And Neorealism In Cinema

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Post World-War II, there were many harsh realities that were beginning to come into play in Europe. There were countries that had been destroyed by the war economically, structurally, and governmentally. Italy was no stranger to these harsh realities and through these unharmonious times there was a neorealism movement in cinema that some argue showed the true bitterness of what war can do to a country through their own lenses. In films like Bicycle Thieves directed by Vittorio De Sica, you are taken inside the competition for employment and shown the extremities people are willing to go to in order to be able to provide for their family. There is this adamant portrayal of the individual in the film, but due to the realistic aspects of the filming you cannot help but to see the struggles of the people that are all around. There is a clear battle between morality and survival in Italy and this results in a number off issues for families in lower classes. In order to gain a true historical glance into post-war Italy, it is essential to understand the importance of the neorealist period following the war and the impact of being able to see these things in cinema. Bicycle thieves is able to capture that something as small as a bicycle is able to change the entire course of a family’s ability to survive, and show the larger picture of what life was like after the war. This essay will aim to observe the extent to which this film shows a factual glimpse into their society. This

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