Citizen Kane By Orson Welles

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The willing to get money and wealth is able to do awful things with people. Trying to

multiply their prosperity and authority they can lose their human nature and soul, turn human

relation into the market. In the movie “Citizen Kane” directed by Orson Welles in 1941, on the

example of the main character, Charles Foster Kane, it is shown how the person who could get

everything he wanted, but was unable to save it ("Citizen Kane"). For example, he had two

marriages, but both were unhappy because of Kane’s treatment to his women. He also was very

close to the successful political career, but lost the chance to change something being a

politician because of his rigidity and inability to listen to people and to take into account their

opinions. Thus, I can state with confidence that this person made an ambiguous impression on

me in the negative sense of this word.

From the very beginning I would like to mention that I do not like the main character of

the movie due to his way of life and attitude toward other people. Initially, Kane dedicates his

life to the idea of service to society, but inevitably evolves into a person, who uses his

enormous money and power to meet the desires and permanent whims of own ego. The

sequence in the entire film shows that during the movie Kane was desperately trying to deserve

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love, but at the same time he behaved himself the way that only repelled people. He wanted to

be loved by his mom initially but

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