Citizen Kane

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Citizen Kane After watching the movie "Citizen Kane" I realized why this movie was named one of the best films ever. Yellow journalism was in an era from the 1880 to the 1900 and it featured flashy journalism of that time, which made editors write about invented stories. Which went to big headlines on subjects that weren't true. The two big writers of that time were William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. During the film Kane is depicted as a yellow journalism at different times. One example is when they put out the article "Charles Foster Kane Defeated, Fraud At Polls". From that headline you would believe that he was beaten by some illegal purpose, but it was just a headline getting people to read the article and the enjoyment of…show more content…
They had one character trying to find out what his last words meant. By going to friends and family and asking them questions. During each visit with someone they went to a flashback explaining the certain time period in his life along with all his accomplishments. Next one of the odd things that aren't used in a film was the use of the newsreel footage that was shown at the beginning of the film. The purpose I believe was to show you this mans life from the eyes of all the newspaper articles about him and other things that were going on. It also let you get a feel of the time period and what was going on. Next they're many different angles that this film was shot from. Since one of the characters portrayed a powerful individual he was a large man. The majority of the shots were filmed from looking down and looking up angles. The reason I believe is too show his power when he is referring to something. If you shot a shot looking down at someone you will feel like the person that you see is of lower power. Of course the same for opposite way the person you see would see much lager and of great power. They had many shots in the film to depict how powerful of a character Charles Foster Kane was. Another aspect of any film is the way the lighting is used. Which also makes shadows very important. There were times throughout the film that light represented the time of day. When it comes to a black and white film it is much

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