Civic Engagement : An Important Role Of The Government Ensuring The Well Being Of Society

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My project relates to the course objectives twelve and seven this is because it talks about inclusion, in which all types of diversity are respected, appreciated, and valued in America. As well as the vital role of the people in creating and maintaining a society through voluntarism and civic engagement, a role that can complement and replace the role of the government ensuring the well-being of society. Civic engagement involves “working to form a distinction at intervals the civic life of one’s community and developing the combination of information, skills, values and motivation to form that distinction. It suggests that promoting the quality of life throughout a community, through every political and non-political process” (Erlich, 2000). Civic engagement includes every paid and unpaid style of political policy, environmentalism, and community and repair. Volunteering is one kind of civic engagement. many of the nation’s volunteers unit youngsters. over 0.5 (59 percent) of teenagers at intervals the u. s. according that they participated in youth volunteer add 2009, in line with the Corporation for National and Community Service (2010). Most youth volunteers do so out of selflessness Associate in Nursing interest in making throughout a distinction at intervals the lives of others, in line with one survey. Exclusively five take advantage of students reportedly volunteered due to a school demand (Corporation for National and Community Service, 2005 An inclusive society as

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