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Civil Complaints Process HCS/430 October 10, 2010 Brenda Young Civil Complaints Process Civil complaints can arise when a patient feels as if they have been mistreated according to the “standard of care”. Some patients have legitimate cases, yet there are other people who are looking for a possible lawsuit. This paper will explore the process for filing a civil complaint against a physician. This paper will discuss what patients and consumers will use in the event of suspected misconduct or possible incompetence. It will also explore the roles of the respective regulatory agencies in investigating allegations and determining and applying any appropriate disciplinary actions. It will also identify any potential criminal liability…show more content…
The process in which to file a civil complaint against a physician is to first contact the facility’s medical board. If the complaint is within jurisdiction, within the seven year time frame, and shows evidence of breach of duty, causation, and harm or injury, the person who complained will receive an acknowledgement letter advising them that the board has received their complaint and that it will be forwarded to an analyst for review. If the complaint concerns the care and treatment received, copies of the medical records will be requested by the analyst and a written summary of their care from the physician, along with the authorization for release of medical information. The analyst will contact any subsequent physician(s) listed on the authorization forms. When all requested documents have been received, the person who complained with received a notice stating that all their information including the complaint(s) has been sent to medical consultants for review. The reviews are
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