Civil Rights Diary Essay examples

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October 29, 2012 Dear Journal, I was an African American storeowner during the Watts Riots in LA in the 1960s. I witnessed the destruction of my neighborhood. I witnessed the pain and despair that overwhelmed so many people because they were a part of a state that did not care to fix the issues that their urban cities were facing every day. Countless of individuals were filled with so much anger and loss of hope for a better future. In the 1960s, Los Angeles had very few neighborhoods that African Americans were “allowed” to live in. Watts progressively became a neighborhood of black poverty surrounded by middle class white suburbs. Watts was a tense area with high unemployment and little opportunity to succeed. It suffered…show more content…
There were all kinds of city leaders at the meeting from members of LA Police Department, representative of neighborhood groups, African American leaders and the media. All was there to try to cool the tension and prevent more riots form breaking out. In spite of it all, an African American high school “youth ran to the microphones and said the rioters would attack adjacent white areas that evening” (Government Documents Department and the Doheny Electronic Resources Center at the University of Southern California. , n.d.). This statement set the residents of Watts’s attendees in an uproar. For six days, tons of Watts’s residents flooded the streets; I witnessed crowds of angry oppressed people looting every business in sight, walking away with things that they have wanted for a long time but just did not that the means to get until this day. I witnessed gangs of people pull any white driver out of his or her vehicles and beat them repeatedly. Thinking off every unjust beating their fellow brother or sister received from racist white cops. Businesses burned to the ground, cars vandalized and set to flames, and there were images all over Watts that expressed to the nation their frustration of police brutality and social mistreatment of a community and of a race. Within that six-day period, the riots had spread all over South Los Angeles in every urban neighborhood. LA officials knew that their officers
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