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  • California Drought : California And Alaska

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    California Drought California is the state located in southwest of the North America and is the third largest state beside Texas and Alaska. California is well known for its sunny and friendly weather. Other than that, abundant job opportunities, great education, and rich culture draw many resettlers not only Americans moving from other states, but also immigrants resettling here from all over the world. Large population will certainly increase the demand of water and food to fulfill the basic human

  • California, California The Fresh Water

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    it is salt water, frozen, or in some way unattainable (Santa Clara Valley Water District, 2016). Humans have found many different ways to obtain this 1 percent of fresh water they need, but the techniques vary depending on location. In San Jose, California the fresh water is obtained through 3 major sources: groundwater, imported surface water, and local mountain surface water. These 3 sources contribute different amounts of water to the San Jose community but their contribution can vary due to factors

  • Drought in California The drought in California has seriously impacted California in a negative

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    Drought in California The drought in California has seriously impacted California in a negative way and will continue to impact California negatively if it continues. Drought in California has always played a huge part in California’s geography and without action to help prevent the affects of long lasting droughts California will continue to suffer severe negative effects, which can lead to serious negative impact on the rest of the country as well. Drought has been occurring in California even before

  • California Dreams

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    story written by Rawls. To the weather of California, the reality of the gold rush, and the population growth of California, Both stories compliment each other as they both accurately describe the lifestyle of California in the 1850’s and beyond. Growth as a situation described in both stories, as both writers talked about California was one of the

  • The Future of California

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    The future of California is pretty good, for the state is projected to see growth in almost every sector of the economy as well as the population, but there are many concerns that must be addressed first in order to see California’s growth come to fruition. International trade and business is one of California’s largest industries and it’s expected to continue increasing, for many emerging economies are also located off of the Pacific Ocean. Growth in the economy is good, but requires resources that

  • Drought In California

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    sorrowfully, for numerous cresidents in California, that is the life they live. There is currently a 3-year drought in California. Innumerable citizens are compelled to drive miles and miles away in order to acquire water and bathe, while for farmers, they have been allowed to use aquifers frequently to grow their crops. We do not have enough water for both the farmers and citizens to be used oftenly, which has precipitated an outage between the two. Therefore, the California government is debating on whether

  • The California Earthquake

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    California Earthquakes California’s unique geography as a state makes it a very appealing place to call home. From the odd east to west transverse San Gabriel mountain ranges of the Los Angeles Basin, to the bumpy coastal ranges of the Bay Area, any person can find a compatible topographic terrain to their liking. California may seem to be the perfect place to live with its ideal climate and extensive geographic features. However, due to California’s location over the shifting continental plates

  • Vacations In California

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    something they do not have in their own town or near them, so most of the time people go to places that are out of their comfort zone. “San Francisco, California tourism reached record numbers in 2015, welcoming a total of 24.6 million visitors for an increase of 2.7 percent from 2014.” (Woodlard) San Francisco, is one of the largest cities in California, and has a lot to offer. “European explorers first arrived at the site of present-day San Francisco in 1775.” (Ebscohost) While Europeans were there

  • Earthquake In California

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    California is suspected of experiencing a killer quake, one that reaches the magnitude of 7.5. However, it is impossible to predict an earthquake. The Puente Hills Fault is one of the most dangerous “sleeping monsters” (if it were to) create an earthquake. It is located in the Los Angeles basin, where it can cause approximately 45 seconds of rippling instead of just 7 seconds because it is on softer ground, cause thousands of deaths, and potentially destroy the city of Los Angeles. The first “big

  • California Gardens, California And The East Bay Area

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    If you live in Oakland, California, you know that the weather is mild and temperate. Some might say we have the perfect weather. Of course, these great weather conditions give us the ability to have easy to care for gardens with a variety of low-maintenance plants. This is your guide to growing a garden in Oakland, California. What to Plant It s always best to try and use as many indigenous plants, or plants native to your area, when planning a garden. Using native plants makes gardening much