Civil War Advantages

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The Civil War was an internal conflict between Americans that divided the United States into two parts: United States of America (Union/North) and Confederate States of America (Confederacy/South). The war was active in the years 1861-1865 with several advantages on each side, however, many people argue that the South had little chance at winning the Civil War. While the South held small advantages, such as experienced leaders, high cotton quantity, and a stubborn will to fight, the North greatly outranked the South in terms of military, economy, and politics. The Union held a vast wartime advantage against the Confederacy with their military. The population general population in the North was 22 million, including 800,000 immigrants, 180,000 African Americans, and the large U.S. Navy. The large population made up the immense Union army; the significant population also aided in U.S. Navy that withheld a large and effective blockade around the coastline, as part of the Anaconda Plan, that prevented the South from trading with foreign countries. While the South had a high troop moral and won the Battle of Bull Run, their small population of 9 million and experienced leaders, such as Robert E. Lee, were laid to waste when they partook in the Battle of Vicksburg, the North won the Mississippi River to cut the South in half, and the Battle of Gettysburg where Lee attacked the Union, which resulted in losing 1/3 of his army and never attacking the North again. As well as

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