Civil War Strengths And Weaknesses

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Anthony Bui Mrs. Trahan English 204 17 March 2017 Civil War Strengths and Weaknesses The Civil War was a very gruesome war. The war had become the Union (North) and the Confederacy (South). During the war the union and confederacy had many weaknesses and strengths. Some of them are technology, army/military and government. The population of the North is Seventy-One Percent compared to the South at Twenty-Nine Percent. The exact number for the South population is 9 million people while the North had 22 million people. The South had courage and motivation, due to the South defending at home; it made it easier to defend. The South did not have many materials to manufacture goods. The North, however, flourished in the manufacturing area due…show more content…
Though, in the South they wished Europe would help them because of the cotton industry. The South had very meniscal amount of factories and little to no railroads compared to the South. Abraham Lincoln asked the loyal states to help the arm. The South attempted to have single authority, but in the end this seemed to have failed and not workout. The South had also made the inflation due to the amount of printed paper. At one point shoes were $200 Dollars a pair and a barrel of flour was $300 Dollars which was ten time the cost of a normal one before inflation (Davidson and Stoff 487-488, Guelzo, “Confederate States”). The Mine’ bullets were bullets that both the North and the South had carried with them. The bullets were cone shaped like the bullets we have today. In the South, they had the best trained officers since there were seven of the eight military colleges at the time. This also allowed them to have the best trained military and officer. Since the war for the South was a defensive effort, the North did not know what they were getting into. The South only had to do so much damage to the North and because of this they lost their moral to fight the war. The military of the South was vicious. The South had more and better leaders. While having a broader base of recruits. They did not have as many people than the North. And the South’s technology was no match for the North’s (“Strengths
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