Civil War And The Abolition Of Slavery Essay

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An important question to ask is what really is liberation, and who does it apply to? Liberation is defined as “an act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery or oppression” ( The importance of liberation is having ‘freedom’ from any subjugation, but that freedom has been taken away slowly, and instead hurdling forward towards a time where capitalism is more important than freedom and equity. Keeanga- Yamahtta Taylor questions, “What would constitute the ‘radical reconstruction’ of American society?” After the Civil War and the abolishment of slavery, people were heading towards a new time of Radical Reconstruction (1865-1877). But, opportunities for former slaves had been sabotaged by the Compromise of 1877. From then the Black community were left exposed and unprotected by terrorists racial groups (Robinson). To go forward, and away from such oppression, movements have been created to cease unfair treatments from theses racial groups. In recent years, Black Lives Matter has been the slogan to stop and fight against the brutality that affected African Americans for generations. Today, history is repeating itself, or that it has never been fully resolved. With the recent Presidential election of Donald Trump and his bigotry viewpoint against communities (black, gays, females, immigrants, etc.) will reconstruct a prejudice society, increasing the troubles of the United States. Black liberation is not only for Black people, but also for those who

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