Civil War Between the King and England Essay

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The Civil war between King and the parliament caused many factors to arise. Religion, money and power played a part. As for religion King Charles I married queen of France who was Catholic. This feared people in England because the thought of the king changing the country from protestant to catholic. Not only, King Charles I used tax money on his family and military weapons rather than the country. He believed the rights of kings and the power they held. As a ruler for eleven years, he always had way to make money either by taxation or loans. In the sixteenth century, these conflicts lead to a new turning point in Europe. In response, new transformation in working class, modern revolution, and expanding the government while improving the …show more content…

James whom was the side of England and the parliament were puritan. To make matter worse, James infuriated Parliament with his son’s marriage to catholic princess Queen Elizabeth. This resulted on commoners being upset over how the government should be ran. Moving along, the Parliament automatically felt more dissatisfied with their relationship. The parliament detested Charles I because he believed the parliament was a “waste of space”. Importantly, he would refuse to converse with parliament for any government issues but use them if money was desired. These disagreements lead to the civil war. According to our class lecture, “The king must go to parliament to get money to start an army and gets rejected so he closes the parliament and declares himself the single ruler of parliament and this tactic fails because community respects the rules of the parliament. Charles is forced to flea and forced to have an army. Charles has a large army and the dismissed parliament must also raise an army. As a consequence of farmers and artisan of that English class is radicalized” Charles ruled the Parliament government by putting taxes on ships and other products to use for army purposes. When Parliament was not on board with the new taxation, while the king starting arresting members of the parliament madness broke through and civil war took place. Parliament decided to create an army on their own to defeat the king, which they were successful. They put the king

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